The Space in Between: Marina Abramovic and Brazil

The Space in Between: Marina Abramovic and Brazil Trailer

5/5 4.4/5.0

Original titel Espaço Além - Marina Abramović e o Brasil
Genrer Documentary
Produktionsår 2016
Instruktører Marco del Fiol
Skuespillere Marina Abramović
Distributør Casa Redonda


Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil, in search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, experiencing sacred rituals and revealing, for the first time, her creative process. The route is comprised of poignant encounters with healers and sages from the Brazilian countryside, exploring the limits between art, immateriality and consciousness.This external trip triggers in Marina a profound introspective journey through memories, pains and past experiences. A mixture between road movie, direct cinema, recorded performances and spiritual thriller, the documentary brings an unprecedented approach of the intimate creative process of one of the most important artists of our time. Written by Casa Redonda