Le Accelerator

Le Accelerator Trailer

Original titel Le Accelerator
Genrer Kriminalitet
Produktionsår 2017
Instruktører Thomas Eikrem
Skuespillere Rasmus Begtoft, Oksana Belskich, Lucie Bee, Erin Angel, Mahfam Barikbin, Katja Bienert, Alexandre Archimbaud, Mikkel Belsting, Judith Aziz, Anders Arentoft
Distributør Camera Film


David Sakurai 'Iron Fist', 'In Order of Disappearance') stars as Le Accelerator, an assassin who goes on a spiritual journey. He believes that the only thing everyone has in common is that we are going to die, we are all heading for the same final destination. However, he will be there to accelerate your journey. Shot entirely on Super 8mm in Marrakech, Copenhagen, London, Bangkok and NYC, 'Le Accelerator' also stars George Khan ('Fifth Element'), Bobby Rhodes ('Demons'), James VanBebber ('Manson Family') and Elvira Friis ('Nymphomaniac').