Happy End

Happy End Trailer

3/5 2.9/5.0

Original titel Happy End
Genrer Drama
Produktionsår 2017
Instruktører Michael Haneke
Skuespillere Isabelle Huppert, Toby Jones, Mathieu Kassovitz, Laura Verlinden, Franz Rogowski, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Fantine Harduin, Nabiha Akkari, Loubna Abidar, Dominique Besnehard, Jackee Toto, Hassam Ghancy, Franck Andrieux, Jack Claudany
Distributør Camera Film


Few details on the production have been revealed publicly bar that the film will revolve around a well-off French family living in a bourgeois bubble in northern France, oblivious to the human misery unfolding in migrant camps around the port town of Calais, a few miles from their home. As previously reported by one French media outlet, Matthieu Kassovitz has recently joined the cast which also features the previously announced Jean-Louis Trintignant and Isabelle Huppert as well as a host of younger new faces. (Screen Int.)