Bamse och häxans dotter

Bamse och häxans dotter Trailer

Original titel Bamse och häxans dotter
Genrer Eventyr, Animation, Komedie
Produktionsår 2016
Instruktører Christian Ryltenius
Skuespillere Peter Haber, Morgan Alling, Tomas Bolme, Jonas Karlsson, Steve Kratz, Ingela Olsson, Laura Jonstoij Berg, Tea Stjärne, Malin Cederblad, Christer Fant, Shebly Niavarani, Leif Andrée, Maria Bolme, Karin Gidfors, Ia Langhammer
Distributør Nordisk Film


Croesus Vole finds gold in the beavers' dam. To demolish the dam and get the gold he tricks the witch's daughter Lova to conjure away Bamse . With Bamse gone, it's up to the children to help each other to stop Croesus - but to do that they have to get along.